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Additional Courses - Leadership Studies Minor

Courses Taught by: Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies Faculty

The following courses are taught by Staley School faculty:

LEAD 320: Theories of Leadership

3 credit hours

This course is organized to provide students with in-depth examination of traditional leadership theories and an exploration of current leadership scholarship. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to become leaders and followers with a strong grounding and conceptual understanding of leadership theories as well as an understanding of the application of the theories.

LEAD 420: Theories of Nonprofit Leadership 

3 credit hours

Prerequisite: LEAD 212 and LEAD 350

Corequisite: Sophomore Standing

This course provides an overview of nonprofit organizations by integrating concepts and theories with applied practice. Students will be introduced to the nonprofit organization including: staff, board, and volunteer development; trends and issues in designing programs; the financial process; risk management; constituent needs and concerns; and program marketing and promotion.

Other topics include employment issues related to interviewing, performance evaluations, and personal goal setting. This is a required Theories elective for nonprofit leadership focus students.

LEAD 430: Women and Leadership 

Human-Diversity Historical-Perspectives 3 credit hours

Prerequisite: LEAD 212 or WMST 105

This course addresses issues related to leadership as it intersects with women's studies scholarship, such as women's styles of leadership, women and competition, sexism in the workplace, gender differences in communication, and feminist models of leadership. This course will explore issues related to women's leadership development in the theoretical contexts of leadership studies and women's studies. 

LEAD 499: Internship in Nonprofit Leadership 

Human-Diversity Ethical-Reasoning 3 credit hours

Students will document nonprofit leadership knowledge and skills and mastery of foundation and professional competencies by demonstrating an ability to construct a personal philosophy of leadership and to practice leadership consistent with their philosophy; an ability to understand, appreciate and employ ethical decisions; an ability to identify and comprehend the impact of culture on their leadership style; an understanding of American Humanics foundation and professional development competencies; and an ability to construct and implement a nonprofit leadership internship. 

LEAD 502 (POLSC 366): Applied Political Leadership

Social-Sciences 3 credit hours

This course is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and experience about practical politics. Politics is the art of getting enough people to support you to accomplish the goal. We will approach it from the standpoint of the skills and strategies necessary to accomplish the political objective. Our focus will be on learning for the future and how that might apply to actually running for office, helping someone else, or just living day to day, for politics is everywhere. From church decisions, to resolving on the job issues, to securing a loan, politics will vary in intensity but it will be there.

LEAD 502 (POLSC 799): Concepts of Executive Leadership

3 credit hours

Never before in our history as a nation has there been a time in either the public or private sector when leadership was in more demand. Leadership is necessary for change to take place and everywhere we look, without change, institutions of all makes and models will die. The world is flat. Globalization is real. Advancements in technology and science force us forward at faster and faster paces. On top of this, the security and environmental challenges impact us at all levels. Counts as the Theories elective for leadership studies minor. 

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