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Staley School of Leadership Studies


Students who are awarded this honor will have lived the mission of the Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies through their community engagement and service to others. The student will have demonstrated a commitment to personal development, intellectual growth, and positive community impact through their work as a citizen leader. Students will have committed to service and civic engagement through a diversity of experiences on campus and in the community that demonstrate their commitment to serving community needs. Examples of this work may include volunteer service, involvement in service learning courses or programs, engagement in political activism on campus and in the community, social justice work and advocacy, research or work with faculty members on community based initiatives or social justice issues.

2016 Recipient

Kaitlyn Rippel



2015 Recipients

Daniel Ecklund

Daniel Ecklund 

From Overland Park, KS, majoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management and a minor in Leadership Studies

Tyler Bedell

Tyler Bedell 

From Liberty, MO, majoring in Business Marketing and a minor in Leadership Studies Nonprofit Focus

2014 Recipient

Theo Stravropoulos

2013 Recipient

Margaret Swagerty


2012 Recipients

Bethany Miles
Katie Vine