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School of Leadership Studies

Nonprofit Senior Award banner

The nonprofit leadership award was established with a vision to the commitment of preparing udergraduates for leadership postions in nonprofit organizations. Award recipients are enrolled in the Nonprofit Leadership Studies Alliance certification program at Kansas State University and exemplify the following five tenets:

  • Leadership and service to humanity
  • Professionalism
  • Measurable competencies and certification
  • Inclusiveness
  • Academic excellence in the nonprofit leadership focus courses

2013 Recipient(s):

Courtney Frantz, Morgan Peelen , Christa Martinez, Justine Gruen, Laura Rose, Clarissa Sents, Olivia Miller, Kalynn Vibbert, Jodi Koops, Emma Allison Link, and Kayla Day

Class 2013

The 2013 nonprofit class was recognized this year because of the class's ability to already exercise many of the skills required to be a leader in the nonprofit sector, and the ability to navigate challenges in the face of great ambiguity, a commitment to holding to a purpose and a curiosity to learn more about the sector and best practices in the industry. The entire class was awarded to celebrate the trust and the patience they showed during the reorganization of the nonprofit focus.


Jackie Baker


Lyndsay Bruns

Molly Hamm

Katie Whitney

Danielle English

Lindsay Hicks

Megan Connor

Emily Meissen