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Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies

Robert Clark, Director
College of Arts and Sciences
Kansas State University
c/o Department of Modern Languages
14A Eisenhower Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Approved Course List

[includes required and elective courses]

The courses listed below are representative of those for which students may receive credit in Latin American Studies. Alternative courses may be approved by petition to the program director. New program options are being planned. Note that often appropriate courses are offered under categories such as "topics," "special studies," "problems," or "seminar." For the current list of approved courses and new program developments, call or write the director, rclark@k-state.edu. See the list of requirements for the secondary major.

To see descriptions of the following courses, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

College of Arts and Sciences

DAS 507         Senior Research in Latin American Studies. See Guidelines


ANTH 634       South American Indians
ANTH 673       Mesoamerican Archaeology


GEOG 100       World Regional Geography. Prof. Jeffrey Smith
GEOG 620       Geography of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
GEOG 622       Geography of South America


HIST 303         Latin American History and Civilization
HIST 559         Aztec, Inca, Maya 
HIST 560         Latin American Nations
HIST 561         Colonial Hispanic America
HIST 562         Modern Mexico

Modern Languages [taught in Spanish]

SPAN 560        Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Literature and Culture in Spanish
SPAN 566        Spanish American Civilization
SPAN 568        Literature of Spanish America
SPAN 750        Spanish American Narrative: Origins to Nineteenth Century
SPAN 751        Spanish American Narrative:Early 20th Century
SPAN 752        Spanish American Narrative: Contemporary
SPAN 755        Spanish American Drama
SPAN 757        Spanish American Poetry
SPAN 760        Hispanic Literature & Culture in the U.S.
SPAN 768        Hispanic Cinema
SPAN 773        Spanish America Today
SPAN 777        Hispanic Cultures and Literatures: Teaching Strategies


MUSIC 421      Salsa: Afro-Cuban Music of the Past and Present

Political Science

POLSC 622      Latin American Politics
POLSC 655      International Politics of Latin America


SOCIO 507      International Development and Social Change
SOCIO 635      Sociology of Human Trafficking
SOCIO 738      International Migration

Women's Studies

WOMST 321      Latinas' Life Stories
WOMST 500      Latin American Feminisms

Please note: Other Latin American studies courses are offered as "special studies," "topics," "problems" or "seminar" categories. New courses may be added before they appear on this list. Intersession offerings are sometimes acceptable. Transfer credits from approved study abroad programs, or other institutions, may be accepted as part of a student's program of study. Please contact the director if you have questions about the courses which may qualify in the category of Latin American Studies.