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Travel Clinic

A Travel Consult is available at the Lafene Allergy and Immunization Clinic to assist students, faculty or staff who are traveling state side or beyond the borders of the United States.

What to expect at your travel consult?
What is the cost?
What to do and know ahead of time?
Travel clinic form [pdf]
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What to expect at your travel consult?

    The consultation will include:
  • individual review of vaccination requirements for the region being visited.
  • travel recommendations for the region based on current health and safety precautions.
  • worksheet completion listing requirements and recommendations.
  • referral to a physician for any medications, health assessment, or needed instruction.
  • vaccinations are available and may be initiated at the time of the initial consult. 

Information about health risks and suggested preventative measures is based on recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Department of State recommendations are made available if desired. Among the issues that can be covered are political issues, road and travel conditions, and terrorism related problems.

This will help ensure that you receive any vaccinations, anti-malaria treatment (if indicated), medications, etc. enough in advance to provide adequate protection by your department date.

What to do and know ahead of time?

  • Appointments should be scheduled well in advance (2-3 months) of the desired travel date because some vaccination requirements may take several months to be completed.
  • An initial consult requires a thirty minute appointment.
  • If vaccinations are to be given, allow for a sixty minute appointment time.
  • If a physician visit is recommended, an appointment may be made after the initial consultation.
  • Bring a record of prior immunizations to the initial appointment.
  • Bring your completed Travel Clinic Form to your initial consult.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for travel clinic visits.

Current prices for services, appointments or additional information may be obtained by calling 785.532.6544.

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