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Lafene Health Center

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications Available

These over-the-counter medications, as well as prescription medications, may be ordered/refilled online by signing up for IQ Health. Call 785.532.6544 to find out how you can sign up.

We offer very competitive prices on our over-the-counter medications. Call the Pharmacy at (785) 532-7758 for more information.

Emergency Contraception

Medication name (Brand)
Plan B
Plan B is now available over-the-counter in the Lafene Pharmacy to those age 18 and over with proper identification and a K-State ID.  Students who are under 18 must make an appointment with a provider.

Cold and Allergy

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Advil cold and sinus (generic)20 tabs
Alka-Seltzer Plus cold tablets (cherry burst flavor)20 tabs
Allerest PE chlorpheniarmine18 tabs
Aleve Sinus and Headache10 tabs
Benadryl (Genahist) diphen 25 mg tablet100 tabs
Claritin-D 12 hour tablet30 tabs
Claritin-D (loratidine with pseudophedrine)10 tabs
Claritin (loratidine) 24 hour tablet30 tabs
Cold PE non drowsy - daytime without pseudophedrine24 tabs
Dayquil (generic)12 tabs
Delsym cough suppressant3 oz
Mucinex20 tabs
Mucinex D18 tabs
Mucinex DM20 tabs
Robitussin cough DM sugarfree4 oz
Sudafed (Sudogest) pseudoephedrine 30 mg tablet24 tabs
Sudafed 12 hour20 tabs
Sudafed (generic) 12 hour10 tabs
Tavist Allergy8 tabs
Theraflu6 packets
Tylenol cold (multisymptom cold caplet)20 caps
Zicam cold remedy nasal allergy relief 
Zyrtec (generic)100 tabs
Zyrtec D (generic)24 tabs

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Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Astroglide (personal lubricant)5 oz
Avanti Durex super thin condoms6
Condoms (Lifestyles, lubricated & with nonoxynol-9)20
Natura lamb condoms3

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Cough and Sore Throat

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Cepastat lozenges18 loz
Chloraseptic sore throat spray - cherry flavor6 oz
Chloraseptic sore throat lozenges - cherry flavor18 loz
Cold-eeze zinc lozenges (cherry, menthol, and citrus)18 loz
Delsym 12 hr. cough relief3 oz
Diabetic Tussin DM4 oz
Halls Defense with Vitamin C30 loz
Halls fruit breezers30 loz
Halls (generic) menthol/cherry/honey cough drops30 loz
Ludens berry cough drop/throat lozenges30 loz
Nice cough suppressant oral anesthetic (diabetic)24 loz
Nyquil (Nite time liquid)6 or 10 oz
Ricola Honey Herb24 loz
Ricola Lemon Mint10 loz
Ricola Natural Herb cough drops50
Robitussin cough gels20
Robitussin DM (Guiatuss DM)4 oz
Robitussin expectorant (Guiatuss)4 oz
Vicks Vapor Rub medicated chest rub1.76 oz

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Dental and Oral

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Abreva2.0 gm
Anbesol Max Strength.33 oz
Aquaphor healing ointment2
Chapstick Overnight.25 oz
EMT tooth saver 
J and J waxed dental floss (mint) 
Kanka mouth pain liquid.33 oz
Vaseline Lip Therapy.35 oz

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Ear, Eye and Nose

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
(Afrin Generic) oxymetazole decongestant nasal spray1 oz
Afrin with menthol.5 oz
Ayr saline nasal gel.75 oz
Bausch and Lomb moisturizing all clear1/2 oz
Burt's Bees lip balm.15 oz
(Debrox generic) ear drops1/2 oz
ERO wax removal wystem 
Muro 128 AK NACL 5% ophthalmic solution15 ml
(Nasal Crom generic) B.L. cromolyn sodium.88 oz
Nasal rinse (Neil Med)1
Nasal rinse netipot1
Nasal rinse refill packets100
(Ocean) Deep Sea moisturizing saline nasal spray1.5 oz
(Refresh P.M. generic) LubriFresh PM1/8 oz
Stye ointment.125 oz
Swim-Ear1 oz
Systane lubricant eye drops15 ml
Teargen II1/2 oz
Tears Naturale Free36 (.03 oz vials)
Visine for contacts1/2 oz
Visine original1/2 oz
Visine-A (antihistamine)1/2 oz
Zaditor (antihistamine).17 oz
Zyrtec eye irritant1

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First Aid and Topical

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Ace elastic bandage--2 inch, 3 inch, or 4 inch1
Jack Frost reusable cold compress1
Acne medication--benzoyl peroxide 10%1.5 oz
Acne medication--benzoyl peroxide 5%1.5 oz
Alcohol, rubbing--B.L.16 oz
Aloe vera gel (after sun)8 oz
Americaine benzocaine topical anesthetic spray.2 oz
Amlactin lotion 12%14 oz
Aveeno bath treatment8
Bacitracin zinc ointment--antibiotic1/2 oz
Bag balm ointment6 oz
Band-Aid flexible fabric30
Band-Aid blister block cushions4
Band-Aid liquid bandage10 apps
Band-Aid sheer extra large bandages1
(Benadryl cream generic) anti-itch 2% cream1 oz
Benadryl spray extra strength2 oz
Benzoin compound tincture with alcohol1 oz
Bunion cushions6
Calamine lotion (clear)6 oz
Carmol 20 cream3 oz
Cetaphil daily moisturizer16 oz
Cetaphil moisturizing cream1/2 oz
Cetaphil skin cleanser8 oz
Chigarid liquid--for insect bites1.75 oz
Corn cushions9
Corn removers, medicated9
Curad gauze sterile pads25
Curel lotion6 oz
Domeboro powders for soaks12
Epsom salt4 lb
Eye pads1
Foille ointment--burns and sunburn1 oz
Gauze: 2 inch x 2 inch sponges1
Gauze: 4 inch x 4 inch sponges1
Gauze (Johnson & Johnson): 4 inch x 4 inch sponges1
Gauze--2 inch x 65 inch roll1
Gauze--Telfa No-stick 2 inch x 3 inch1
Hibiclens antiseptic skin cleanser4 oz
Hydrocortisone cream 1%1 oz
Hydrocortisone Ointment 1%1 oz
Hydrogen peroxide solution 3%16 oz
Insect repellent (10 hour) lotion2 oz
Insect repellent (Ultrathon) lotion2 oz
Insect repellent (Ultrathon) spray6 oz
Itch-X--anti-itch gel1.25 oz
Ivy Block lotion4 oz
Keralyt gel (6%) salicylic acid1 oz
Lamasil AT--antifungal cream24 gm
Lamasil AT--antifungal cream12 gm
Lamasil AT--antifungal spray1 oz
Mederma (scar management)0.70 oz
Medi Pads (hemorrhoidal pad with witch hazel)100
Mediplast Curad (40 % salicylic acid) corn/callus/wart1
Neosporin cream (triple antibiotic ointment)1 oz
Neosporin pain relief0.5 oz
Oak 'n Ivy cleanser--Technu4 oz
Petroleum jelly13 oz
Polysporin antibiotic ointment1/2 oz
Purell hand sanitizer2 oz
Purell hand sanitizer2 oz
Sastid bar soap (salicylic acid and sulfur) 
Tape, Micropore paper--1 inch x 10 yards1
Tape, surgical--4 inch x 5.5 yards1
Terbinafine cream (generic Lamisil AT).42 oz
Terbinafine cream (generic Lamisil).85 oz
Thermacare heat wrap - knee wrap2
Thermacare heat wrap - menstrual3
Thermacare heat wrap - neck to arm3
Vaseline lip therapy.35 oz
Wart remover, Duofilm1
Zanfel washes away poison ivy1 oz
Zinc oxide ointment1 oz

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Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Aquaphillic ointment16 oz
Aveeno lotion12 oz
Baby powder15 oz
Burt's Bees Peppermint Shower Soap3.5 oz
Curel lotion6 oz
Sealrite (flents) ear plugs3 pr
Emery boards10
Eucerin cream8 oz
Lacticare lotion11.5 oz
Lubriderm moisture10 oz
Moisturel cream16 oz
Nail clippers1
Neutrogena hand cream2 oz
Neutrogena T-Gel (coal tar)8.5 oz
Nicoderm CQ Step 114
Nicoderm CQ Step 2 or Step 37
Nizoral (anti-dandruff)4 oz
Purell2 oz
Rogaine minoxidil 2%2-60 ml
Rogaine X-Strength (minoxidil 5%)1-60 ml
Tablet cutter1
Vanicream10 oz
Vitamin E cream2 oz
Vitamin E oil1 oz

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Pain and Fever

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Advil 200 mg50 tabs
Aleve20 tabs
(Aleve generic) naproxen sodium 220 mg50
Aspirin 325 mg (5 grain) tablet100
Aspir Low 81 mg enteric coated120
Baby aspirin 81 mg36
Bayer aspirin (generic) 325 mg tablet12
Bayer low dose 81 mg30, 120
Children's ibuprofen liquid4 oz
Children's MAPAP acetaminophen liquid4 oz
Enteric coated aspirin 81 mg500
Excedrin ES genaced (generic)100
Excedrin migraine50
Excedrin (generic) headache relief100
Enteric coated (Ecotrin) aspirin 325 mg100
Ibuprofen generic 200 mg500
Ibuprofen generic 200 mg50
Midol menstrual formula (maximum strength) caplet24
Motrin 200 mg tablet60
Pamprin menstrual pain relief24, 30
Premsym PMS40
Sleep-Aid tablets32
(Tylenol extra strength generic) acetaminophen 500 mg50
(Tylenol generic) acetaminophen 325 mg tablet100
(Tylenol generic) acetaminophen 500 mg tablet100
Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release gel caps 500 mg100
Tylenol Extra Strength PM50
Unisom sleep tablets16

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Pediculicides (Lice Treatments)

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Lice treatment shampoo-for head, body, crab lice2 oz
Nix lice treatment2 oz
Rid lice killing shampoo2 oz

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Rectal and Urinary

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Anusol hemorrhoidal ointment1 oz
AZO-Septic--urinary pain30
Glycerin suppository12
Medi Pads (hemorrhoidal pad with witch hazel)100
(Nupercainal generic) dibucaine ointment 1%1 oz
Tronolane hemorrhoidal cream1 oz

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Stomach and G.I.

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Align Probiotic supplement28
Benefiber12.3 oz, 2.8 oz
Bisacodyl stimulant laxative100
(Citrucel) methylcellulose fiber16 oz
Dairy Digestive Lactaid generic60
Digestive Advantage for Lactoce Intolerance32
Dimenhydrinate tablets100
Docusate sodium 100 mg--stool softener60
(Dramamine generic) motion sickness tablet12
Dulcolax suppositories4
Fiber laxative tablet90
Formula EM for nausea4 oz
(Gaviscon generic) Acidgone100
Glycerin suppositories12, 25, or 50
Immodium AD chews20
Immodium AD (generic) loperamide4 oz
(Immodium AD generic) loperamide 2 mg12
Ipecac1 oz
Lactaid ultra60
Maalox Max65
(Metamucil generic)21 oz
Milk of magnesia12 fl. oz
Mineral oil--laxative16 oz
Miralax4.1, 8.3, or 17.9 oz
(Mylicon-80 generic) simethicone 80 mg100
Nausea cola syrup4 oz
Pedia pops (frozen)--$.50 each16
Pepcid complete tablet25
(Pepto-Bismol generic) pink bismuth liquid8 oz
(Pepto-Bismol tablet generic) pink bismuth tablet30
Prevacid 15 mg28, 42
Prilosec OTC 20 mg14
Prilosec OTC 20 mg28
Prilosec OTC 20 mg42
Prilosec (generic) omeprazole 20 mg28
Tums Smoothies60
(Zantac generic) 75 mg30
Zantac 150 mg24

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Vaginal (Yeast Infections)

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
AZO standard12
AZO cranberry50
Monistat 1 cream--1 prefilled applicator1
(Monistat 3 generic) Miconazole 31
Pregnancy test1 or 2
(Mycelex 7 generic) gyne lotrimin vaginal cream1
Vagisil1 oz

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Vitamins, Minerals and Nutritional

Medication name (Brand)Quantity
Acidophilus tablet100
B complex with vitamin B 12100
B-50 complex tablet50
B-6 pyridoxine 50 mg tablet100
Calcium 600 +D60, 300
Calitrate 600 +D60
Citrus Ca+ D60
D vitamin 400 IU tablet100
Flintstones complete chew60
Flintstones (generic) with iron chew100
Fish oil omega 3 1000 mg caplet110
Glucosamine chrondroitin complex 500 mgl/400 mg120
Glucosamine chrondroitin complex 750 mgl/600 mg80
Gummy vitamins60
(Iron) ferrous sulfate 325 mg tablet100
(Iron) ferrous sulfate elixir473 ml
L-Lysine 1000 mg tablet60
Magnesium SR tablet60
MSM glucosamine90
Multiple vitamins with iron100
Niacin 500 mg100
Oyst-Cal-D 50060
Stress formula (Stresstabs)60
Thera M130
Vit C chewable 500 mg100
Vitamin C 500 mg (ascorbic acid) tablet100
Vitamin E 400 IU capsule100
Vitamin E oil4 oz
Women's One-A-Day Multivitamin/Minerals (brand or generic)100

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