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Nutrition Counseling

College can be a difficult time to eat right. Nutrition Counseling at Lafene Health Center can help!

Services available:
individualized nutrition counseling
metabolic testing
food record forms
cats get cooking
eating disorders online self-screening program
help for disordered eating
family resources for disordered eating
medical assessment and ancillary support
counseling services

Services available

Individualized nutrition counseling

One-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian.  Students commonly seek advice about weight control, nutrition, eating disorders, medical nutrition therapy for special diets, and fitness. Call 785.532.6544 for an appointment and/or information regarding charges.

Metabolic testing

What is your "metabolic fingerprint"? How many calories do you need to gain or lose weight? Metabolism is different for everyone.

    An accurate scientific measurement can:
  • Eliminate the guesswork.
  • Help determine your unique calorie needs.

A Registered Dietitian at Lafene Health Center can administer the test using a MedGem® indirect calorimeter by Microlife and explain how your metabolic rate affects your overall health and weight management goals. Metabolic testing with the MedGem® is available for K-State students, faculty and staff. Call 785.532.5240 for an appointment and current pricing.

Food record

Forms available online to print. Follow the instructions for completion. These forms are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat to view and print.)

Cats Get Cooking! Quick and Healthy Recipes for Students Always on the Go (PDF)

New recipe book for busy college students.

Eating disorders - online self-screening program

Free to all Kansas State University students, anonymous and completely confidential. Provided by Lafene Health Center to help you quickly identify symptoms consistent with an eating disorder. Specific resources will be recommended if risk is determined. The screening takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. (Available during Fall and Spring semesters.)

Help for disordered eatingClick for PDF file
Medical assessment

Lafene physicians are available to assess and monitor physical effects of disordered eating.  For an appointment, call 785.532.6544.

Counseling Services

Located at the English/Counseling Services Building, Counseling Services offers individual counseling as well as periodic support groups for students with eating disorders.  Call 785.532.6927 for additional information.


Room 257
by appointment

Dianna Schalles,
M.S, R.D., L.D.

Don't let your nutrition fall behind in college. Need strategies to help you eat healthy on campus? Print and use the Smart Cart shopping list to plan your defensive nutritional strategy. The list is divided into food group teams so you can load up on winning plays. Stock up on healthy foods using this fun, football-themed list.

Check out these recipes and resources for easy extra points.