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Lafene Health Center

New K-State Students & Parents/Guardians

Welcome to Kansas State University!

Among the many fine services available to the K-State student is a fully accredited, professionally staffed outpatient medical clinic/health service. Lafene Health Center, located just west of campus on Sunset Avenue, is available to care for your health care needs with services of full time medical providers, nurses, laboratory, x-ray, physical therapy, pharmacy, nutrition counseling, and specialty clinics for allergy, gynecology and sports related injuries. Our Health Promotion/Nutrition Counseling Department also provides individual and group counseling and presentations, inside and outside the Center, on a variety of health related topics.

The student health privilege fee you pay as a part of your tuition helps maintain the Health Center, keeping it accessible and available to all students. It allows the student to see a healthcare provider at no charge for a consultation only or a short non-complex visit. It also allows students to access a variety of prepaid services. The fee subsidizes, but does not totally cover laboratory tests, medications, x-rays, treatments or other procedures which may be necessary to assist in your care. You will be charged a fee, customarily much less than you would have to pay in the general community, for these services.

The student health privilege fee  is not insurance. For those charges at Lafene Health Center which are not prepaid or totally subsidized, and for health care services elsewhere, it is strongly recommended that all students at KSU carry health insurance, either through the State of Kansas endorsed insurance program available at special rates, or through other coverage. Please see our website for financial information and further details. 

There is a new vaccination requirement at K-State that will affect all incoming students.  Please see our website for more information.

The Kansas Board of Regents, who supervises all state universities, requires that all international students maintain health insurance and evacuation/repatriation coverage while a student at Kansas State University. That body has endorsed an insurance program that students may choose to purchase.

Many health insurance plans now require a primary or preferred care physician. If you do not have the university endorsed plan and have a primary (or preferred physician) chosen as a requirement of your other plan, you may ask that physician for a "prior approved referral" so that your insurance carrier may automatically cover care at Lafene Health Center. Failure to obtain a necessary referral may result in an "out of network" charge to the student.  

General medical clinic hours at the Health Center are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, and 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday. Please check our website regarding hours of availability of specialty clinics, summer hours and hours over break. After clinic hours, or when the Health Center is otherwise closed, you may need to contact a local hospital emergency department or a walk-in type urgent care clinic if the need arises. 

Lafene Health Center is heavily utilized by the students at Kansas State. In order to manage the utilization and attempt to minimize waiting time, we operate on an appointment system. Both same day and subsequent day appointment times are usually available. If you have a healthcare need, you are encouraged to call (785) 532-6544. 

Important: Medical History Form  Kansas State University requests all new students to complete and have this on file at the Health Center. The information you give us via the form is kept strictly confidential and can be very valuable should you have a medical emergency while a student on campus. Also, because the form should be completed and on file before we can help you with a non-emergency medical need, completing and returning it soon can save you a lot of time and frustration later. Law prohibits the release of medical information of students 18 years of age and over to others, including parents, without the student's written authorizationpdf.

It is very important that your immunizations be CURRENT. In a university setting, you will be in contact with many new people. Diseases such as mumps, measles, chicken pox, and whooping cough still exist, are highly contagious, and can spread rapidly in a concentrated population such as classrooms, dorms or Greek housing. Lafene Health Center can review your immunization records and help you with recommended inoculations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American College Health Association have recommend that you consider the immunizations or screenings cited before entering college at the following websites: ACHA and CDC. These vaccinations/tests can be obtained from your local physician, health department, or Lafene Health Center (call 785-532-6544 for an appointment).

Tuberculosis Screening – Like other highly contagious diseases, Tuberculosis continues to be of high concern.

State law requires tuberculosis screening for all students prior to entering a classroom at any of the universities governed by the Kansas Board of Regents. Kansas State University is subject to the state law.

A questionnaire will be given to all domestic students with questions regarding their possible exposure to tuberculosis. The questionnaire is accessed through the student's KSIS account. Depending on his or her answers, the student may be notified to undergo further testing.

The testing may be completed at Lafene Health Center or with another healthcare provider within the United States.  Testing not conducted at Lafene Health Center requires written proof of the test and the results of the test, signed by the provider.  There is a charge for this further testing regardless of the site.

Physical Examination – A physical examination is not required for admission; however, if you have had one within the past year, a copy would be helpful to the Center staff. This may save you some unnecessary expense.

We recommend that you have any necessary dental and eye examinations before coming to KSU since the Health Center does not provide these services.

Allergy Injections – Lafene Health Center provides allergy injections at regularly scheduled times. The ordering physician must supply written, detailed instructions. Contact the Allergy Clinic at the Center for specific directions.

If you are not certain about the answers to any of the questions on the Medical History Form, including the immunization record, ask your parents or primary care physician.

Again, welcome to K-State! If we can be of assistance to you while you are here, please give us a call. We would be happy to help you. 


James Guest, MD, Medical Director
James Parker, Director of Lafene Health Center


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