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Lafene Health Center


The mission of Lafene Health Center is to maintain, for the Kansas State University community, through the utilization of quality resources, a medical facility capable of offering a comprehensive, high quality, easily accessible, affordable outpatient health care service to the student community. In addition to the care of the sick and injured, the Center shall be a resource and an advocate for health education, promotion and wellness.

The Center shall, at all times and to the best of its ability, be responsive to the needs and concerns of the student body and general community of Kansas State University.

12/89; rev 10/03

Principles of the Student Health Service

The primary function of the Student Health Center at Kansas State University is to provide a medical facility capable of offering health care for many outpatient medical needs in the University community through a coordinated and integrated department within the institution. To achieve this requires the cooperation of University elements: the administration, the faculty, the non-teaching personnel, the students, and many non-campus agencies.

    The Student Health program assists the students in the following ways:
  1. Providing quality medical care to the individual student attending the University (outpatient care for illness, immunizations and health education).
  2. Assisting other University departments in providing a healthy environment, e.g. Infectious Disease Advisory Committee, Campus Safety, CARE Office, etc. 
  3. Providing the opportunity for health education (classroom instruction, individual contact in clinic, articles on health in University newspapers).
  4. Consult and actively participate with the WellCAT Ambassadors whose activities include providing a liasion between the student body and the Health Center.
  5. Providing the opportunity through the WellCAT Ambassadors for better understanding of the Student Health program.

Through cooperative efforts with other resources in the University community and the general community, health care and wellness promotion can be effectively and efficiently offered and delivered to Kansas State University students.

January, 2017