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Smoking at Kansas State University

"Smoking is a public health and fire hazard. Locations where smoking is allowed shall be restricted in order to: (A) prevent infringements upon others and (B) create and maintain an environment that is in the best interests of the safety, health, and well being of all the users of university property.

"Smoking is not permitted in any university building...smoking is prohibited within 30 feet of marked entrances to university buildings. In general, those entrances where smoking is prohibited are main entrances, most ADA accessible entrances, and those entrances near fresh air intakes to the building that impact the air quality inside the building."

K-State Policy

You stand outside in the rain and snow for me.

I am your cigarette.

Smoking students suffer from tobacco-related illnesses and are more likely to miss time in class than non-smoking students.

How long does it take for cigarette smoke to clear from a room?

It takes more than three hours to remove 95% of the smoke from one cigarette from a room once smoking has ended.

(Source: James Repace, "Risk Management of Passive Smoking at Work and at Home." St. Louis University Public Law Review)