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Lafene Health Center

Health Promotion


    To provide leadership in health maintenance (wellness) promotion, and disease and illness prevention for the Kansas State University students, staff, faculty and surrounding community members.


Julie Gibbs, MPH - Director
Megan Katt, BS, RD - Health Educator
Jenny Yuen, MPH, CHES - Health Educator


The Health Assessment on Needs of K-State Students (THANKS) Results

The purpose of this survey is to assess the overall health status of on-campus students at K-State.  The Health Promotion staff will use the data received to guide our health and wellness services and outreach efforts so that they may appropriately align with the student's needs.  

College courses

Healthful and Safe College Life - EDCEP 103

This course addresses pertinent health topics that impact college students and gives them the knowledge to make informed decisions when faced with difficult situations. The course is completed entirely online through Kansas State University. Upon completion, the student will earn 3 undergraduate credit hours which can be applied to the K-State 8 requirements. Enroll in Healthful & Safe College Life through KSIS. Course Links are available as health and safety resources.

Interaction and Guidance for the Paraprofessional (WellCAT Ambassadors training course) - EDCEP 311 

This course is intended as an academic exploration of social health and wellness concerns pertinent to the college student population.  This 0-3 credit hour academic course is to prepare students to be peer educators through discussions, lectures, readings and interactive exercises.  Students may choose whether to enroll in this course for 0-3 elective credits and the course grading scale will be weighted accordingly.    

Peer health education programs

WellCAT Ambassadors

The WellCAT Ambassadors program is dedicated to preparing peer educators to be: knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision makers; to present accurate and evidence-based health information to K-State students through presentations; and to provide campus leadership by serving as positive role models, demonstrating healthy, safe and sound decision making abilities. Prerequisite course: EDCEP 311.

Student learning objectives & assessment plan


Lafene Health Center manages a listserv, healthyKSU, to provide K-State students with timely and relevant health information. Send an email request to healthy@k-state.edu to be added. Include your K-State eID.


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Julie Gibbs, Health Promotion

Health Promotion Office, Room 268

Julie Gibbs, M.P.H., Director