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Mission and services
Eligibility for care
For students who do not take summer classes
Insurance requests
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Use of fax machines to transmit confidential medical information

Mission and services

The primary responsibility of Lafene Health Center is to provide medical care for the sick and injured students of Kansas State University and health and wellness programs aimed at prevention of disease and injury. The Registration & Records Department is organized to be responsible for the completeness, accuracy and availability of the medical records at all times and especially when needed in future illness of the patient.

  • There is a medical record maintained on every patient receiving care at Lafene.
  • All student records are considered education records and fall under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act. For more information, go to www.k-state.edu/registrar/ferpa.
  • Records are kept inviolate and preserved for a period of at least 10 years as determined by the Statute of Limitations of the State of Kansas and by other pertinent federal and state legal requirements.
  • All clinical information pertaining to a patient is centralized in the patient's medical record. Access to these clinical records is on a need-to-know basis only.
  • Records are indexed according to disease, operation and physician and are kept up to date. Indexing is done by ICD-9-CM and CPT coding guidelines.

Eligibility for care:

Health fees are established upon the recommendation of the Student Senate with approval by the Board of Regents. The health fee is a general support fee but provides access to the services of the Health Center for the payer.

Generally, all students (full or part-time) pay a student health fee. The only definite waivers are for faculty/staff taking classes part-time and students not in class on the Manhattan campus. Students not paying the health fee (waived) are usually not eligible for services. In most cases these students may have the option to pay the health fee at Lafene Health Center Registration & Records. Students who have paid the fall semester health fee are eligible for care until the start of classes of the following spring semester. Eligibility of students who have paid the spring semester health fee extends to the start of classes of the second summer session following that spring semester. Students who have paid the health fee for any or all of the summer sessions are eligible for care until the start of classes of the following fall semester.

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For students who do not take summer classes:

Students may use the health center by paying a summer student health fee. This fee can be paid any time during the summer but before services are given. Please note that a summer spouse fee cannot be collected until the student has paid his or her summer fee, either through summer classes or at Lafene Health Center.

Insurance requests:

For a bill to be processed to your insurance company go to Registration & Records Office or call 785.532.6544 to talk to Lafene's Insurance clerk. The Kansas Board of Regents offers health insurance for students at a reduced cost through the Statewide Student Health Insurance Plan.

Release of information:

Only non-confidential information can be released without the written authorization of the patient. Information which can be released includes:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Verification of care (dates and times of admission and dismissal)
  • Attending physician
  • Immunization dates (may be released to patient only)

All other information requires that a Records Release for Disclosure of Protected Health Information [pdf] be completed and signed by the patient. Completed and signed forms may be *faxed* (See fax policy below.) to 785.532.3425.

Use of fax machines to transmit confidential medical information: Confidential medical information may be transmitted via fax when necessary to provide patient care. All efforts shall be undertaken to ensure confidentiality of patient health information.

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Records and Registration   785-532-6544

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