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Lafene Health Center

Outpatient Medical Clinic

Staffed by licensed health care professionals who provide healthcare during regular clinic hours by appointment.

Same day care is available on a limited basis. Patients without an appointment will initially be screened by a healthcare professional to determine the urgency of their need for care. They may be put in to see a provider that day or at the next available appointment.

Without an appointment, the wait time may be lengthy and is dependent on the number of patients waiting to be seen and the severity of their condition. To avoid a potentially lengthy wait time, please call ahead (785.532.6544).

The medical clinic is open to treat general medical problems, such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • cuts and minor burns
  • breaks and sprains
  • earaches, fever, colds and flu
  • vomiting and diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • insect bites and rashes
  • injuries
  • respiratory symptoms
  • athletic physicals
  • pre-liminary exams/testing
More info about common medical conditions is available on our Internet Health Information Links page.
Athletic physicals:

Lafene physicians perform physical examinations for the Athletic Department with exception of football, men's basketball and men's baseball. Questions should be referred to 785.532.6544.

Payment: Students must have in their possession the form supplied by the Athletic Department which authorizes the charges incurred to be paid by Athletics. Students who are "walk-ons" (not authorized by the Athletic Department) must pay their own charges including the cost of the PE plus lab and x-ray. The students will have a form indicating "walk-on—patient pays charges" or "walk-on—Athletic Department pays charges".

Pre-lim exams:

An appointment may or may not be necessary for preliminary testing, depending on the number and/or type of tests necessary prior to physical examinations. Patients needing physical examinations should bring all paper work with them and come in to see a nurse who can order any necessary preliminary testing and laboratory examinations. After this has been completed, make an appointment with the doctor for the physical examination.

Doctor reviewing xray

For an appointment, call 785.532.6544