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Student health fee

The student health fee which is included in tuition each semester entitles access to all services provided at the Health Center. Eligibility for services is in effect approximately one week prior to the start of classes until midnight prior to the start of classes the following semester: Fall semester (August to January), Spring semester (January to June). For information regarding Summer eligibility, call 785.532.6544.

Students needing ancillary (other) services or procedures such as laboratory tests, x-rays, physical therapy treatments, medications or medical supplies will be assessed a charge, customarily much less than you would have to pay in the general community. There will be a charge for physical exams for employment, etc. which require forms and/or letters to be completed by a provider.

Student spouse fee

The student spouse fee is available through Registration & Records. This fee includes all services at Lafene Health Center. The student is responsible for their spouse's account as well as their own.

Payment policy

All charges are due and payable at the time of service. Accounts not paid in full after 60 days will be assessed a 1.5% per month handling fee on the unpaid balance and will be considered delinquent.

Missed appointments

It is your responsibility to cancel any appointments you know you cannot make. You will be charged for failed appointments. Our interest is in your health and in providing appropriate and efficient service.

Delinquent (unpaid) accounts

If you have a delinquent account, a financial hold will be placed on your academic record and you will not be able to enroll or drop/add classes. You will not be able to receive transcripts or diplomas.

Note: Lafene Health Center can collect from student financial aid on any unpaid balances without notice.

Health insurance for non-pharmaceutical services

Commercial health insurance claims will be submitted when you provide us with complete and current medical insurance information (see below), providing the insurance company has a USA address. However, there may also be certain contractual reimbursement systems with which the Health Center does not have a payment arrangement. Check with the Health Center's insurance personnel for more information.

Your insurance card must be presented at the registration/check in area of Health Information Management if you wish Lafene Health Center to submit the claim to your insurance company. If insurance information is not available, you will be billed for all services and it is your responsibility to submit the claim to your insurance company. A procedure printout suitable for self-filing shall be provided by the Business Office upon request.

Currently, for MEDICAL insurance, we require a copy of the front and back of your insurance card, and the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Student's Wildcat ID (WID) number
  • Policy holder’s name
  • Policy holder’s social security number (if required by insurance)
  • Policy holder’s address including street, city, zip
  • Policy holder’s date of birth
  • Patient’s relationship to the policy holder

This information is necessary in order to file your claims. Be aware that all insurance claims will be filed unless you notify us otherwise. If you have any questions regarding your insurance claims, please contact our Insurance Department by phone, 785.532.6544 or email lafene@k-state.edu.

The Kansas Board of Regents offers health insurance for students at a reduced cost through the Statewide Student Health Insurance Plan.

Note: Kansas State University is contracted with multiple insurance companies. For Tri-Care patients, our providers are not listed as contracting with Tri-Care because their website is unable to flag our providers to see only Kansas State University Students. Please call 785.532.6544 for more information.

Health insurance for pharmaceutical services

Claims for prescription drugs can be filed with most insurance companies at the time of service, including the University sponsored student health insurance plan. If the Pharmacy is not provided with current, accurate insurance information at the time of service, insurance filing becomes the patient's responsibility. The pharmacy receipt given with your prescription may be used in self-filing for all insurance carriers. For questions regarding Prescription Insurance, call 785.532.6544.

Address changes

Send address changes to: lafene@k-state.edu. Please include Wildcat ID (WID) number and birth date in the e-mail to insure the correct account is changed. Please Note: Currently any address change made in iSIS does not change your Lafene Account. We encourage all students to keep their iSIS account address current. We hope to incorporate this data into our electronic system in the future. We will keep this web page updated as we move forward with the implementation of the electronic medical record.


For questions regarding your account, call 785.532.6544. Please include your Wildcat ID (WID) number on all correspondence regarding your account.

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