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The mission of the Kansas State University Body Project is to promote positive body image for all, reduce the risk of disordered eating, and free Kansas State University students to focus on healthier, more productive pursuits.  

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What is the Body Project:

The Body Project Collaborative is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program based on fifteen years of extensive scientific research. This peer-led program utilizes cognitive dissonance to help college-aged students resist the appearance ideal and reduce body dissatisfaction, a known risk factor for the development of eating disorders.*

*Stice E, Shaw H, Marti CN. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology. 2007; 3:233-257. 

Peer Leaders:



"I came into training not knowing what to expect. I was blown away by the training and would highly recommend this to anyone. Even if a person has never had problems with body image or the appearance-ideal, it is extremely eye-opening and changes views on the topic. Even after the first day of training, I went home and told my roommate that she needs to come to a session! The Body Project is amazing! Thank you!" - Samantha K., K-State Student

"I knew this training was something I wanted to do because I have seen many people, specifically women, struggle with body image. However, I realized that I personally struggled with the "appearance-ideal" more often than I would like to admit. My ability to recognize and respond to fat talk has improved immensely over the course of this weekend. I truly feel like my choice to challenge the appearance-ideal and be happy in my own skin will promote change in the people around me. I am excited to support other peers in their journey to loving themselves." - Kate. B, K-State Student

Upcoming Workshops:

Workshop A: March 4 & March 11, 7-9 PM **FULL            

Workshop B: April 8 & April 15, 7-9 PM **FULL

Workshop C: April 22 & April 29, 7-9 PM

**Sign up here!  If all slots have been taken and you wish to be on our waitlist, please click here.