Logo for KISSK-Staters Inspired to be... energetic kissable richer an insider tobacco-free Reasons to stop using tobacco :
better breath, more energy, save money,
not have to go outside to smoke

You can be inspired, too! Use your resources.
KISS those butts goodbye!

K.I.S.S. refers to K-Staters Inspired to Stop Smoking -
This campaign provides support for K-State students, faculty, staff that would like to stop smoking or using tobacco.

Lafene Health Center can help YOU quit using tobacco. Assistance is provided (free of charge) through:

  • individual or group sessions
  • e-mail/phone support

Classes will be scheduled for individual convenience.
Call 785.532.6595 to schedule an individual session!

Sessions are held
at Lafene,
Room 268.

Call 785.532.6595
for an appointment.

    To find out more:
  1. Walk-in during Health Promotion Department hours (Monday through Friday 8 am-noon; 1-5 pm) to get information or
  2. Call 785.532.6595 to make an appointment to fit your schedule, or
  3. Send an e-mail to kiss@k-state.edu

Get Inspired to Stop Using Tobacco!!

  1.  Make a decision to quit. It has to be YOUR decision, not someone else's or for someone. Only if quitting is your choice will you be able to find the desire and commitment required to stick with it.
  2.  "Pick a day to save your life!" Set a date, mark the calendar. Commit. Try to avoid high stress times so you don't sabotage your success.
  3.  Tell everyone. Ask for support. Get people involved with your process. Not only can they help you through difficult days but they can help you stay accountable…to yourself.
  4.  Find out what quit method is best for you. Lafene can help. Call 785.532.6595 to set up an appointment or email kiss@k-state.edu.
  5.  Be prepared…The first week is the hardest. Stay committed. Use your resources. KISS those butts goodbye in 2011!

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