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KWAG IRC Channel Help

All you need to join the #kwag channel on is an IRC program.

IRC Programs for Windows:


IRC Programs for OSX:

X-Chat Aqua

IRC Programs for Linux:


Once you have you IRC program installed all you have to do is tell it to connect to and then join the #kwag channel.

Instructions for Chatzilla

If you use Firefox, you can use the chat extension called ChatZilla. Activate Chatzilla and click on the URL irc://freenode/kwag to take you directly to the KWAG IRC channel.

Instructions for mIRC in Windows

One of the best (and oldest) applications for accessing IRC is called mIRC, available at ( While there are many other IRC applications available for Windows (as well as other operating systems), this tutorial will focus on mIRC, due to the popularity of both Windows and mIRC.

Download the software, and follow the instructions for installation. It's pretty much a matter of double-clicking on the app's setup icon once downloaded, and letting it do its thing. Once installed, double-click on the mIRC icon on your desktop. Click on the Continue button. This in turn will lead to a popup window called Options. (If it doesn't do this automatically, simply go to View in the toolbar, then Options. Use the slider bar on the left to scroll up to the top of the list, which says Connect.)

On the Connect screen, you need to fill in the Full Name and Email Address fields. (You can put anything here, as long as it's something.) For Nickname and Alternative, enter a name. This will be your display name once you're in a channel (IRC terminology analogous to chat room.)

Under Connect on the left-side options menu, select Servers. For IRC Network, select 'FreeNode' from the dropdown list. Allow IRC Server to remain FreeNode: Random server. Click on Connect to Server.

Upon connection to the server, mIRC will popup a window called Favorites. Here you can do two things:

  1. Enter #kwag into the field that says Enter a Channel Name. Click Join, and you're in! The disadvantage to this is that you'll have to manually type in the channel name each time you want to join it. To permanently add the #kwag channel to your list of favorites: click on 'Add'. Enter #kwag in the 'Channel' field. You can also type in a description if you like. Nothing else needs to be altered. Click on 'OK'. You should now see #kwag on your list of favorites. Simply highlight the channel, click 'Join', and once again, you're in!
  2. Alternately, you may also type /join #kwag from the command line.

IRC Resources

Instructions for Chatzill, mIRC and IRC Resources taken from and and adapted for KWAG.