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Low Calorie, Gummy Treats for Pets

Reference Number: 2014-11

Inventor: Greg Aldrich and Sarah Mathe

Researchers at Kansas State University have developed low calorie, gelatin-based, gummy-textured, bite-sized pet treats that are thermally stable at common ambient temperatures. The treats have a soft, gelatinous texture that is desirable to dogs, cats, and other similar common pets. Their nutritional content comprises high levels of protein, modest amounts starch and very little fat. The product is synthesized using a combination of inexpensive, easily available ingredients and using a simple manufacturing processes requiring minimal inputs.
Technical Merits:

The simple synthesis process requiring minimal inputs is the key aspect of this product. Unlike most pet treats that use extrusion, baking or injection molding to shape and cook the treats, this product is cold-set and does not require the high temperatures of any of these processing methods. In addition, the product can be molded into various 3-dimensional shapes and sizes by the use of different molds to accommodate the size range in common household pets. We believe that this aspect allows the product to reach a broader consumer base that includes general pet treats.

The versatile nature of the end product and simple synthesis process also allows this product to have potential applications as a carrier for various animal supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Applications and Commercial Opportunities:
  • Proteinaceous dog treats
  • Carrier for pet supplements
  • Carrier for animal pharmaceuticals
Patent Status
  • PCT application was filed in July 2015.

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