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Coatings for Animals to Manage Solar Radiation
Reference Number: 13-26
Inventors: Steven J. Bartle

Solar radiation can be a positive during cold periods or a negative during hot periods. Heat stress causes multiple problems for the livestock industries, especially for beef and dairy cattle. The economic losses and animal welfare concerns that derive from these issues are also consistently rising. In response to these concerns, researchers at Kansas State University have developed a method for decreasing solar heat radiation & absorption on an animal in hotter climates and increasing absorption in colder climates through the application of a highly solar reflective or absorptive material to the hair and hide of the animal.

This method comprises of the application of a solar reflective or absorptive material-based liquid (or dust) and a non-toxic adhesive to bind the liquid to the hide or hair of the animal. It is believed that the material can be easily applied to larger numbers of animals in feedlots or conversely individual animals as needed using various application systems, including pressurized sprayers, brushes, or rollers. Once applied, the material would remain effective for several days reducing or absorbing heat radiation as necessary.

  • Mitigates the effects of stress from heat and cold

  • Low level of fixed costs in application equipment relative to other methods

  • Provides for application flexibility among feedlots, pens, and animals

  • Applicable to a wide range of animals such as feedlot cattle and zoo animals

  • Beneficial in both hot and cold climates

  • Potential reduction in horn flies and other insect

Patent Status:
  • Provisional patent application filed in April 2014.

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