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New In Vitro Cancer Diagnostic Test Using Nanometer Scale Electrochemical Detection of Protease
Reference Number: 13-04
Inventors: Jun Li, Lateef U. Syed, Duy H. Hua, Luxi Z. Swisher and Allan Prior

Kansas State University researchers have developed a new and effective in vitro diagnostic method to simultaneously measure the activity of multiple proteases produced by cancers. By using a new nanometer scale electrochemical detection process, this innovation provides numerous potential advantages over the existing fluorescence detection commonly used today, in terms of portability, sample size, accuracy and cost may be realized.

  • Increased portability: The technique can be developed into a disposable chip in a portable system for point-of-care or clinical applications, eliminating the need for a centralized lab.

  • Very small sample size: A single drop of blood, serum, urine or saliva is needed to detect multiple proteases.

  • Increased accuracy: The accuracy of the detection is significantly increased because the analysis is based on multiple proteases as disease biomarkers.

  • Lower Cost:The cost of using mass produced chips would be lower than the existing fluorescence technique.

  • In vitro cancer diagnostic testing

  • Frequent and easy monitoring of treatment effects when patients are given anticancer medicine.

  • Multiple analysis to improve accuracy.

  • Screening for effective protease inhibitors as drug candidates.

Patent Status:
  • US Patent Application #14/320,215 filed on June 30, 2014.

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