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Winter Canola Variety - Riley

Reference Number: 11-24


A new winter canola variety, Riley, is the result of a cross made in 1998 with the pedigree KS3580 / Jetton. KS3580 is the experimental line designation for Wichita, a winter canola cultivar released by K-State Research and Extension in 1999. Jetton, a variety marketed internationally by NPZ-Lembke, was a standard check in the National Winter Canola Variety Trial from 1996 to 2007. Riley was included in variety performance trials as the experimental variety KS4158 starting in 2006. Overall, Riley appears to have broad adaptation and can yield favorably wherever winter canola is grown. Riley is disease-tolerant and has an attractive, high-quality fatty acid profile.


  • Has consistently been one of the highest yielding open-pollinated varieties grown in regional 2008-2010 canola variety trials.
  • Very well-adapted to the central Great Plains and High Plains.
  • Has competed favorably with other adapted varieties grown in both high-yielding and stressed environments.
  • In comparison to Wichita, a popular winter canola variety, Riley has averaged 2.8 percent greater oil content in Kansas trials.
  • Winter survival is equivalent to that of competing varieties.
  • On average, Riley reaches 50 percent bloom the same day as, and maturity about a day later than Wichita.
  • It is approximately the same height as Wichita
  • Riley and ‘Falcon’, which is considered resistant, have equivalent infection responses to blackleg (Table 3). Riley has good tolerance to sclerotinia stem rot, another yield-reducing disease, which has been observed only minimally in variety trials in the southern Great Plains.

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PVP in progress.

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