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Sorghum Pollinator Lines: KS235 - KS240

Reference Number: 11-21


Sorghum germplasm lines for use as pollinator parents or as germplasm sources for breeding pollinator parents. All of the lines are homozygous, uniform and restore fertility in the A1 Cytoplasm system. The materials were identified among R-line populations developed between elite pollinator parent 007645 (R-45) and common public breeding lines including Tx2737, Tx436, 86EO361, and 91BE7414. All the lines are purple plant type, except KS237 which is tan.


  • Better pollen shedding potential than R-45
  • Excellent combining ability for yield when tested with common seed parents
  • KS235 and KS236 have medium maturity and nick with most standard seed parents under both Manhattan, KS and Puerto Rico conditions. Both lines have light brown seeds with excellent resistance to grain weathering
  • KS237 is a tan plant with very good pollen shedding potential. It produces high quality white grain and is resistant to grain mold
  • KS238 is a red seeded medium maturing genotype
  • KS239 is brown seeded, early maturing and nicks will with super early females such as Tx3042
  • KS240 is red seeded open headed genotype
  • All lines have very good levels of resistance to major diseases seen in Puerto Rico and the US
  • Lines KS237 and KS239 were highly resistant to common leaf diseases occurring in the tropical environment

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