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Non-Streaming Perforated Semiconductor Neutron Detector and Dosimeter and Method of Making the Same

Reference Number: 06-17

Inventors: Douglas McGregor, John Shultis, et. al.


Current neutron detectors are designed around the basis of the repeated lattice structure of substrate material with rods or channels of neutron reactive material imbedded within. Neutrons interacting in the rods and channels cause the neutron reactive material to emit energetic radiation emissions, which then interact in the adjacent semiconductor regions, resulting in the detection of a neutron. The inherent problem with the current design is that the detector contains multiple pathways through which neutrons may stream without encountering any neutron sensitive material, which results in an angular dependence to detection and relatively low efficiency.


This invention provides for a novel neutron detector design, and manufacturing processes which significantly reduces the angular dependence to detection and greatly increases the efficiency of the detectors. The detectors can be mass produced; are inexpensive compared to other neutron detectors; require minimal power to operate; are highly compact, rugged, and lightweight unlike other detectors; and can be read remotely and in real time.


This technology could be applied in the following applications:

  • Body Dosimeters
  • Remote Radiation Monitors
  • Cargo Container Monitors
  • Remote Readout Radiation Survey Monitors
  • Imaging Systems: Medical, Industrial, Astronomical, Terrestrial
  • Industrial Analysis Tools
Patent Status
  • U.S. patent #7,855,372 issued on December 21, 2010.

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