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Ion-Forming Channel Peptides for Treatment of Disease

Reference Number: 00-19

Inventors: John Tomich, Takeo Iwamoto, James R. Broughman, and Bruce D. Schultz


Kansas State University researchers have discovered a potential treatment of disease derived from sequence variants of the channel-forming peptides C-K4-M2GlyR and N-K4-M2GlyR. These sequences possess superior potency compared to those previously patented, and can be used to design more stable, higher-potency treatments for cystic fibrosis. Additionally, properties of certain sequences suggest that this new class of high-potency, channel-forming peptides may be useful in treating stroke, epilepsy, and cancer.

In the past, channel-forming peptides have not been used in the treatment of any disease. These newly derived channel forming-peptides provide a potential treatment for cystic fibrosis by producing improved anion-selective channels in the apical membrane of epithelial cells.

In addition to providing tenfold potency compared to previously patented sequences, many of these new sequences offer additional potential; for example, one exhibits a unique cell-killing capability that may be used to treat cancer, and another can be effective after being truncated, reducing the cost of using it in a drug. These factors lead to the potential for not only a profitable treatment for cystic fibrosis, but also for other diseases.

  • Approximately 10 times as powerful as previously patented sequences
  • Increased potency results in fewer peptides required to produce a high-conductance pathway
  • Demonstrates potential for the treatment of cancer, stroke, epilepsy, and other conditions
  • N-K4 sequences can be truncated to reduce the cost of synthesis and purification
  • Production of anion-selective, channel-forming drugs for cystic fibrosis treatment
  • May be used to develop new drugs to fight cancer and prevent stroke

Patent Status

  • U.S. patent #8,163,870 issued on April 24, 2012.

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