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Third Annual Spotlight

Sceptor Industries, Inc. was formed in 2001 and entered into a strategic alliance with Midwest Research Institute (MRI). The SpinCon air sampler, technology developed by MRI scientists and engineers, was the founding technology used to launch Sceptor Industries, Inc. SpinCon has already been recognized as the defense industry’s premier sampling and collecting technology for biological organisms and chemicals. Today, Sceptor Industries, Inc., spun-off by MRI, is a privately held corporation that develops and deploys biological and chemical defense air quality technologies for commercial, military and homeland defense requirements. Sceptor Industries, Inc. was recently rated the 16th fastest-growing company in America by Entrepreneur magazine.

Keynote speaker for the luncheon is James R. Spigarelli. He was appointed President and CEO of Midwest Research Institute (MRI) in 1999. Dr. Spigarelli guides a staff of 1,800 scientists and staff professionals in Kansas City and at various locations around the country including laboratories in the National Capitol region, Florida, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. During his thirty-five year career at MRI, he spent seventeen years in research activities before moving into management positions. His research interests focus on trace chemical analysis techniques to support chemical warfare treaty requirements, chemical and biological defense, and environmental protection. He has numerous publications and presentations in the field of analytical chemistry. He will speak on MRI's successful spin-off of Sceptor Industries, Inc. Spigarelli received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from K-State in 1970. He was recognized as an Alumni Fellow of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1992 and is a member of the KSU Research Foundation's Board.

Event photos honoring K-State inventions including Sceptor, Cal-C, AgRenew, and NanoScale