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Inaugural Spotlight on Intellectual Property

Keynote speaker for the Inaugural Spotlight on Intellectual Property isPaul Fisher, inventor of the Space Pen and president of the Fisher Space Pen Co. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences from K-State in 1939. The Space Penâ was patented in 1966, and it was used in space for the first time in 1968 by the Apollo 7 astronauts. Fisher received the Peace Medal in 1999 in honor of Alfred Nobel. He also ran as a presidential candidate against Sen. John F. Kennedy for the 1960 New Hampshire Democratic nomination.

Dr. Paul Seib, professor of Grain Science & Industry, will receive the K-State Intellectual Property Career Achievement Award. He has been awarded more than twenty U.S. and international patents in the starch and ascorbic acid fields. During his 40-year career, Seib has partnered with numerous colleagues to create products and processes in answer to industry needs.

NanoActive Materials Presentation