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Research Foundation

Meet the Staff

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Christopher D. Brandt - President/CEO

Phone: (785) 532-3919 E-Mail: brandtcd@ksu.edu

brandt Mr. Brandt joined the Kansas State University Research Foundation in August 2015. Chris comes to us from Mars Inc., where he was responsible for the global management of intellectual property for the company's pet care segment. He has broad experience in developing innovation and patent strategies; negotiating and managing the complexities of licensing, consulting and joint development agreements; and navigating intellectual property law. We look forward to his contributions to the continued success of K-State entrepreneurs.

Mr. Brandt holds a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Kansas and a J.D. from Vanderbilt University.

Tresa Landis - Business Manager

Phone: (785) 532-3917 E-mail: tlandis@k-state.edu

tlandisMs. Landis joined the Kansas State University Research Foundation as its Business Manager in 1993. She is responsible for all financial functions of the office, including invoicing, receipt and disbursement of revenues associated with licenses; invoicing and receipt of reimbursements from licensees; and payments to vendors (law firms, patent agents, etc.) providing support to the office. She manages the office budget in support of licensing activities and works closely with licensing personnel to ensure licensee compliance with financial terms of agreements.

Ms. Landis coordinates information flow between the Research Foundation, its board of directors and administrative committees and serves as Recording Secretary for all administrative meetings. In past years, she served as the coordinator for the annual K-State Spotlight on Intellectual Property, which honors university inventors. She has also produced internal marketing material for the campus community. In addition, she is spearheading the implementation of a comprehensive enterprise software system for the office.

Ms. Landis received her B.S. in accounting from K-State. In 1986, she began her career with the FDIC’s Division of Liquidation and also has experience in public accounting and the construction industry.

Indira Mohanty - Program Assistant

Phone: (785) 532-3916 E-mail: imohanty@k-state.edu

imohanty Ms. Mohanty accepted the position of Program Assistant for Technology Transfer in July 2007. She handles aspects of the invention disclosure management and reporting process including receiving disclosures and other patent documents, entering disclosure information into databases, and ensuring that all legal and governmental regulatory intellectual property mandates are met.

She works closely with inventors, licensees and external patent counsel to facilitate correspondence and monitor patent prosecution activities. She also processes materials related to copyright and trademark prosecution.

Ms. Mohanty holds an M.S. degree in physics from Utkal University, India and an M.S. degree in computer science from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.