Who We Are

First off, KSURF has nothing to do with surfing. I mean, there's really not many opportunities for surfing in the Flint Hills, are there? But we have a lot to do with Jesus and the Bible.

The "K","S", and "U" part of KSURF are pretty self explanatory (think of Willie the Wildcat). The "R" and "F", however, may need more explanation. Read on to find out.

"R" - Reformed

The word "reformed" in itself doesn't tell you much - there is something about us that is "changed for the better" (See Webster). How are we changed? What did we change from? Well, read on.

Reformed, in the sense that we use it, means that we agree with the Biblical principles that the Church was called back to during the Protestant Reformation. These principles were not new, they had just been lost within the larger Church. Martin Luther is famous for starting the Reformation, but many men and women found that the Bible really did show these principles to be true. The principles can be expressed as the "Five Solas" ("sola" in Latin means "alone"): Salvation by Grace alone (sola gratia ) through Faith alone (sola fide ) in Christ alone (solus Christus ) as revealed in Scripture alone (sola scriptura ) to the glory of God alone (soli Deo gloria ).

"F" - Fellowship

Fellowship, especially in Christian circles, can mean many things - from a social chat after the worship service to some deep time in prayer. Fellowship is more than just friendship, though. True Biblical fellowship is centered around our identity in Jesus Christ - people saved by grace, through faith, for the glory of God. The reason we can have fellowship isn't because we like the same coffee, but because we've been saved by the same one true God - the God of the universe.

The Bible tells us that if we have been saved, we are like members of a body - a body of which Jesus Christ is the head. Some of us are hands, some of us are eyes, ears, or other body parts - but we are ALL part of the same body. As members of the same body, we realize that we each have an integral part to play - the eyes see, the ears hear, the big toe provides balance - each member has a role. And the body (the Church) functions best when each part does it's job and works together with the other parts. So, fellowship isn't just a nice benefit of being a Christian - it's part of our new identity in Christ.

You may have noticed that I haven't directly answered what fellowship is, yet. That's because it's not just one thing; it is all the activities that build up the Church - from worship on Sundays to Bible studies to two guys enjoying a cup of coffee talking about what God is doing in their lives. If that idea excites you, then you'd fit right in with us.

Where We Came From

KSURF is a ministry of a local church - the Manhattan Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship. We started KSURF because we wanted an organization that is explicitly Reformed that people of the same mind can find fellowship opportunities in. One of those fellowship opportunities is being part of a local church, which we encourage. Again, if you read what's written just above, you see that it's not just something nice - it's part of who we (and some of you) are.