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University Honors Program

Spring 2016




College                                   College and Prefix Number                      Class Number

Agriculture                             GENAG 020                                        11629

Education                               DED 020                                           10989




College                                   College and Prefix Number                      Class Number

Agriculture                             GENAG 189                                        11630

Arts & Sciences                       DAS 189                                            10971

Business Administration          GENBA 189                                          11640

Education                               DED 189                                            10996

Engineering                             DEN 189                                            11001

Human Ecology                        DHE 189                                            13063


Monday        2:30 - 3:20 p.m.        Leadership Studies Rm. 126        Justin Kastner, Instructor

Monday        3:30 - 4:20 p.m.        Leadership Studies Rm. 126        Justin Kastner, Instructor


All Honors students who are not currently enrolled in ***189 (or who have not already taken this class) should consider signing up. E-mail our office at ksuhonors@ksu.edu and (1.)Request permission to enroll in the class number that corresponds with the college of your current major, (2.) State which class time fits best with your Spring 2016 schedule and (3.) Enroll.

Description: Introduction to the University Honors Program (UHP) emphasizes interdisciplinary perspectives while inspiring intellectual curiosity about the world, its wonders, and its “wicked” (intractable and complex) problems.  Students meet other UHP freshmen from across the university and, through a combination of readings and activities, seek to discover (or rediscover!) the joy of learning.  While primarily an intellectual skills-centered course, Intro to the University Honors Program also orients students to various UHP opportunities and resources (e.g., the Cultural Passport Program, experiential field trips, and Crossing Borders: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship).


ARCH 301 – Appreciation of Architecture (3 CR)

Lecture           Class #13720       MWF         3:30-4:20 pm             Seaton 063                 David Seamon


BIOL 340 – Human Body (2 CR) – Cadaver Dissection Team Only

Lecture           Class #10497       MTWUF    11:30-12:20 pm             Akert 120                   Ashley Rhodes


CHM 250 – Honors Chemistry 2 (5 CR)

Lecture           Class #10708       MWF           10:30-11:20 am          King 004                     Daniel Higgins

Recitation       Class #10707       U                10:55-12:10 pm          King 004                     Daniel Higgins

01B LAB         Class #10709       T                12:30-5:20 pm           Chem/Biochm 236         Daniel Higgins

02BLAB          Class #13075       W               12:30-5:20 pm           Chem/Biochm 236         Daniel Higgins

03BLAB          Class #13773       M               12:30-5:20 pm            Chem/Biochm 236         Daniel Higgins

05BLAB          Class #15307       U                12:30-5:20 pm           Chem/Biochm 236         Daniel Higgins


COMM 109 – Honors Public Speaking (3 CR)

Lecture           Class #12869       TU             9:30-10:45                  GY 204                     Craig Brown


COMM 260 – Introduction to Trial Advocacy (3 CR)

Recitation       Class #13869       MW           7:05-8:20 pm               Nichols 311                 Amy Bipes


ECON 110 – Principles of Macroeconomics (3 CR)

Lecture           Class #15080       MWF             9:30-10:20                 Waters 041               William Blankenau


ENGL 210 – Honors English (3 CR)

Recitation       Class #11391       MWF         9:30-10:20 am               Eisenhower 211          Roger Friedmann

 (Note that ENGL 210 may count as equivalent to either ENGL 100 or ENGL 200).

ENGL 210 will examine the important role memoirs, novels and other literary accounts have played in shaping our memory of the Holocaust when 6 million Jews in Europe were exterminated during the Second World War. We will look at the fictional techniques used not only by novelists but also by those who experienced the horrors first-hand when they wrote their memoirs, which will include Primo Levi’s Survival at Auschwitz and Elie Wiesel’s Night. We will also read the following novels about the Holocaust: Schindler’s List by Thomas Keneally and The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick. Our study will include reading Art Spiegelman’s graphic (comic book) history of his father’s Holocaust experience, Maus, as well. Students taking this class will be required to write two to three reaction papers to the works they read and a research paper on a topic concerning the historical development of anti-Semitism so we can better understand the cultural antecedents of the Holocaust. Additionally, students will be required to participate in classroom discussion and conferences with their instructor to discuss their research.


ENGL 399 – Shakespearean Comedy: Language and Performance (3 CR)

Recitation       Class #16274       MWF         1:30-2:20 pm               Eisenhower 219               Donald Hedrick

Focusing especially on selected comedies, we will read, see, and discuss Shakespeare’s arts of language and his “radical imagination” in many uses of speech: gossip and women’s words, bawdy and obscene words, insults and curses, magic and incantation, elevated and “low” words, and the theatricality of how words move from “page to stage”—to see how they serve comedy.  We will attend for class credit some of the many activities of the semester at K-State celebrating the “love of Shakespeare,” including a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream  by the London actors in academic residency on campus, and K-State Theater’s Much Ado About Nothing.  Responsibilities include reading checks, short exercises and reports and responses, two short papers and a final project, and one or two take-home exams. 


LEAD 252 – Honors Leadership II (3 CR)

Lecture           Class #15644       TU             8:05-9:20 am               LSP 112                      Marcia Hornung

Prerequisite: Honors Leadership I (LEAD 251)



ENGL 698 – Capstone Seminar – Top/Innocence/Exp (3 CR)

Recitation       Class #15944       W              5:30-8:20 am               ECS 017                      Naomi Wood


ENGL 698 – Capstone Seminar – Top/Latina/o Lit (3 CR)

Recitation       Class #13835       MWF         10:30-11:20 am           Eisenhower 228             Tanya Gonzalez


DED 320 – Honors Seminar – Education

Seminar          Class #10997       W              4:30-5:20 pm             Bluemont 106            Bradley Burenheide

Seminar Topic: Instructional Gaming


GENAG 396 – Research Topic and Proposal Development (2 CR)

Lecture           Class # 11633      MW           4:30-5:20 pm               Waters 132                       STAFF


GENBA 399 – Honors Seminar (1 CR)

Seminar          Class #13106       W              3:30-4:20 pm              Calvin 202                     Joseph Ugrin


MC 200 - News and Feature Writing (3 CR)

Recitation        Class #12252        TU             2:30 - 4:20 pm            Kedzie 220                Bonnie Bressers



Simply enroll in the course and contact jimlth@ksu.edu to complete the contract


ANTH 522 -- Asian Religions (3 CR)

Seminar           Class #17278       TU           11:30-12:45 pm             Waters 041              Jessica Falcone


CLSCS 501 -- Classical Mythology in Translation (3 CR)

Lecture            Class #15484       TU           11:30-12:45 pm             Eisenhower 020        Benjamin McCloskey


LEAD 502 – Civic Leadership: Movements, Campaigns and Collective Action (3 CR)

Ind.                  Class #13120       TU             1:05 – 2:20 p.m.         LSP 113                         John Carlin


PLAN 415 – World Cities (3 CR)

Lecture            Class #14201       MWF           10:30 – 11:20 p.m.      S 127                         Huston Gibson





Summer Intersession 2016: May 17-29                 Dr. Martha Smith Caldas & Dr. Elizabeth Dodd

Courses (students may enroll in one or both):

ENGL 465: Intro to Creative Non-Fiction and/or BIOL 495: Topics in Biology

For more information:

Program application:                  https://ksu.studioabroad.com/?go=GalapagosSummer2016

Scholarship information:             https://ksu.studioabroad.com/?go=ScholarshipApplication