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University Honors Program

University Honors Program
Kansas State University
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GNHE 399 - Honors Seminar in Human Ecology: Conducting Honors Research

Sophomore and Junior Status Preferred

This 1-credit seminar will provide an overview of research methodology applicable to honors research projects.

Class Sessions will include:

• Identifying a Mentor/Advisor
• Library Resources
• Developing Research Questions
• How to Develop and Write a Literature Review
• Research Process/Scientific Method
• Institutional Review Board
• Writing Findings and Discussion
• Panel of Honors Students

**Note: The class typically meets every other Friday during the Fall semester

This seminar is open to all Honors Program Students, including majors in the College of Human Ecology and students in other colleges.

For more information contact:

Briana S. Nelson Goff, PhD
Honors Program Coordinator
College of Human Ecology
(785) 532-1490