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ENGL 415 - Honors Written Communication for Engineers

Credits: (3)

Honors Written Communication for Engineers, unlike the regular section, requires students to write the documents for its research project for a potential stakeholder: an expert on that topic who will provide feedback to the student and attend the speech. The objective is to promote student accountability for the research and writing. For example, a student researching potable water technology for a tsunami hit country might consult with a member of Engineers Without Borders for advice on transportation, funding, and logistics. By comparison, a regular section might require only a technology overview for the same project. Also, Honors students spend more time on technical writing and persuasive strategy and less on grammar. Finally, Honors students consider only Problem/Solution and Design projects (not simple Literature Reviews), which offer the most utility in the work place. Honors Written Comm. for Engineers would be an impressive addition to a student’s resume in this competitive hiring climate.