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DAS 450 - Honors Colloquium - Non-Violent Studies

In this course, we will learn about the theory and practice of nonviolence as a method of social change and as a way of life. We will attempt to engage our intellects, our spirits, and our bodies in the consideration of violence and nonviolence from dynamics that occur within our own minds and souls to those that affect the future of the Earth and its many life forms. We will share with each other from our own lived experiences and we will listen to the wisdom of people who have practiced nonviolence in their lives and work.


At the completion of Introduction to Nonviolence Studies, students should be able to:

· Communicate an understanding of the theory and practice of nonviolence and historical examples of its application.
· Analyze possible gender differences in views and actions related to peace/war, violence/nonviolence, creation/destruction, etc.
· Apply holistic thinking to human issues ranging from local to global.
· Demonstrate the ability to think critically about local-to-global issues related to violence/ nonviolence, equality/inequality, justice/injustice, balance/imbalance, etc.
· Articulate soundly reasoned views and opinions to the class and within small groups.
· Demonstrate the ability to listen consciously and respectfully to the views and opinions of other speakers in the class.
· See, explain, and critically analyze the relevance of the course topic to “current events.”
· Integrate course content into life experience to form a personal philosophy related to nonviolence.