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Kansas State University

BDA (Bomb Damage Assesment)

The Bomb Damage Assesment project - a component of the Global Strike nuclear offense/defense plan - was a cooperative effort between EDL and K-State's S.M.A.R.T Lab (Semiconductor Materials And Radiological Technologies) to produce a robust neutron detector with a large field-of-view. The K-State sensor was one module in an overall system slightly smaller than a "tallboy" beer can. The cans were designed to be deployed over an large area by an aircraft or missile. When they impact the ground, the units self-right and begin transmitting data to a monitoring station.

The BDA units were designed to be scattered around a target building shortly before it was destroyed. The units could then analyze the dust and debris from the explosion for traces of radioactive material to confirm or deny instances of nuclear proliferation or chemical weapons production. In addition to their strike-monitoring function, the units could also serve as semi-permanent battlefield monitoring tools to keep soldiers safe in high-risk envionments.

CAD view neutron detector motherboard

Assembled "puck"

Puck module