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Kansas State University

PCB Design and Layout


EDL uses another Cadence tool, Layout, to design printed circuit boards. Schematics from Capture are imported into Layout, where each component is individually placed and routed. The finished layout is then subjected to another battery of design rule checks. If the design passes, it is converted to an industry-standard GERBER file, which can be printed in-house and fabricated, or shipped to a professional board fabrication house for construction.

EDL is able to rapidly fabricate two-sided printed circuit boards for simple prototypes, and can fabricate up to eight-layer boards. In several cases, a schematic has been drawn up, simulated, layed out, fabricated, assembled, and tested on a workbench the same day.

A printed circuit board in Layout, before testing

Another printed circuit board, with power and ground planes visible

A finished design with assembly notes and dimensions