Minutes - Sep. 21, 2016

The first official monthly business meeting of the Kansas State University Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 6:37 p.m. in Room 135 of Ward Hall on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

Club officers in attendance:
President: James Copeland, KDØICP
Activities Manager: Max Nager, W2MAX
Adviser: Vern Wirka, WØVMP

Kyle Stropes, KEØFQR
Tyler Tryon, KEØJUT
Nick Moehring, KEØEUZ

Visitors: Cy Nightingale, KEØKEX (Wamego)

Our guest was Roger Eaton, deputy commander of the Flint Hills composite squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. Lt. Col. Eaton discussed the various aspects of how communications works in the CAP, and how to become a member of the organization. He left several informational flyers that are available at the club station.

Members of the Civil Air Patrol plan to return next month with a show-and-tell tour of their communications truck.

No other official club business was discussed at the meeting. Plans were made for participation in the CQ WWDX RTTY contest for the coming weekend.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th in 135 Ward. Members of the Civil Air Patrol will return with a show-and-tell of their mobile communications truck.

Participation is also planned for the ARRL School Club Roundup, which runs October 17-21.

submitted by:
James Copeland, KDØICP

Lt. Col. Roger Eaton, Deputy Commander of the Civil Air Patrol, Flint Hills Squadron

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