Minutes - September 7, 1999

The meeting almost began in Rathbone Hall 274, but President John Blessing, NØYRL and the three members present decided to proceed to the third floor atrium to watch the hail storm.

The minutes from the previous meeting were not read.


No unfinished business was mentioned at our first meeting of the school year.


After a twenty-minute ice breaker (and the end of the hail), the members returned to Rathbone Hall 274 for a brief meeting.

The club voted to allocate either $15 or $25 for an ad in the Collegian to promote membership. A special deal had been offered to clubs. President Blessing will look into this.

There was discussion on the merits of meeting at 5 P.M. so several members would not have to return from home. It was informally agreed that there were too many conflicts that early in the evening.

It was informally agreed that the Cushcraft R5 antenna would be left on the roof of Rathbone Hall for Open House. The Hy-Gain TH6DXX Super Thunderbird HF beam antenna at Seaton Hall was considered adequate for use at the club station.

The club went into executive session to discuss university employees' visits to Seaton Hall to play with the club's computer and recline on the official club couch. Surveillance will be undertaken.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 P.M.

All members then moseyed over to the club station to try to determine what was causing the WØQQQ 2m repeater to drop out after a few seconds on the air. Professors Kuhn and Dillman examined the dusty old transmitter and measured voltages on the power supply.

President Blessing provided monologues on the input frequency so the repeater's endurance could be evaluated.

Treasurer Yoder, always looking for the easy way out, installed the back-up carrier operated relay circuit board, and the problem seemingly went away.

Professor Bill Kuhn, KO4MH, station manager, took the allegedly defective COR board into custody for evaluation and repairs.

The club members then put away their toys very neatly and exited the club station.

David Yoder, KAØJPM

Professors Bill Kuhn, KO4MH and Norm Dillman, NØJCC
examine the WØQQQ 2m repeater transmitter while
Henry Bachman, KAØSWM stands ready to call 911.