KSU Amateur Radio Club Minutes

Minutes - February 17, 1998

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 P.M. by President John Blessing, NØYRL.

Open House 1998 was first on the agenda. The club has scouted out a location on first floor of Rathbone Hall, near the atrium stairway. The administration is considering allowing us to drill some teeny little holes in the airlock, large enough for coaxial cable. The teeny little holes could have decorative caps on them on the other 364 days of the year.

Thanks much to Norm Dillman, NØJCC and John Blessing, NØYRL for their antenna work over the weekend. The dynamic duo of adviser and president almost finished a mount (with rotor) for a 2-meter beam that we are acquiring from Norm at a bargain price.

The bulletin board project is briefly on standby, until we get the correct size of masonry bit.

Norm Dillman offered to find us some transmission line for the 2m antenna installation.

The club has two antennas of unknown origin...a 440 MHz beam and a 6m vertical. The club voted to try to sell them at the March 14 hamfest in Kansas City, or later if necessary. We'll ask $35.

Norm Dillman presented an interesting program on whistlers, a phenomenon associated with lightning and its effect on the earth's magnetosphere. Whistlers can be detected in remote areas with minimal electromagnetic disturbances by using a piece of wire connected to the input of an audio amplifier.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 P.M.

David Yoder, KAØJPM


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