Minutes - October 2, 2007

The monthly meeting wasn't called to order in 401 Seaton Hall.

Members Mike Spottswood, KCØIWH, President Mark Benfer, KCØQAS and David Yoder, KAØJPM were present, and we visited and goofed around for 2.25 hours.

At first we played with the Bearcat® scanner that KCØIWH has interfaced to the Internet. Then we looked at Radioreference.com, which is a great source of current info for those who like to play with scanners.

We looked at plans for the measuring tape 2m antenna constructed by Scott Chainey, ACØCY. We had fun looking at the Aggieville Live Web site. Someone known to our club cooked up HTML code to get a Web page to display all six Aggieville cameras at once, so we might - or might not - have looked at that version. We looked at YouTube videos of repairs on a 500,000-volt transmission line, Tesla coils, amateur radio, etc.

David Yoder, KAØJPM