K-State 20 vs. Nebraska 10


Played on March 2 at Kansas State University, Old Stadium

KSU came out stron this weekend as they met the Huskers. We got decent movement on the field but were unable to get into the try zone in the first half. By the end of the first half, both teams had scored a penalty kick, leaving the score tied at 3-3.

Nebraska kicked off for the second half, and after recovering the ball, Matt Stanford caught a hole and ran 40 meters. Mark Deirks finished off the drive with our first try. Mark Deirks also scored another try, and Matt Stanford scored our third. also scoring was John Knutson, who had one 3 point penalty kick and one 2 point try conversion.

Starting XV:

1. Parker Staats
2. Spencer Sperling
3. Garrett Williams
4. Matt Stanford
5. Joe Kucharski
6. Brandon Reid
7. Scooba
8. Rick Korvick
9. Mark Dierks
10. John Knutsen
11. Walt Elder
12. Luke Haider
13. Tyler Bedell
14. Isaac Rothfuss

15. Nick Mockus