K-State 0 vs. Arkansas 60


Played on March 10 at Kansas State University, Old Stadium

After traveling 6 hours to Fayetteville, Arkansas the night before, K-State had their season opener. In a hard fought battle in the mud, the the Razorbacks gained the advantage and KSU couldn't get it back. A few new recruits and a lot of young talent started.

Starting XV:

1. Alex Neubaker
2. Spencer Sperling
3. Billy Pickman
4. Parker Staats
5. Joe Kucharski
6. Garret Williams
7. Carson Serzski
8. Rick Korvick
9. Mark Dierks
10. John Knutsen
11. Walt Elder
12. Luke Haider
13. Tyler Bedell
14. Isaac Rothfuss
15. Nick Mockus