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Order a Parking Permit in KSIS

  1. From the KSIS Home Page, to the left, in the Menu box, click the arrow next to Self Service.  Then click the arrow next to Marketplace.

    Note:  If you click directly on the words Self Service or Marketplace, you will be taken to a full page of selections that are the same but presented visually in a different manner.

    In the left menu, click Self Service and Marketplace

  2. Under Marketplace, click Student Parking Permits.

    Click Student Parking Permits

  3. On the Parking Services Permit Application, click the link to the Parking Permit Regulations.  After you have read the regulations, check the box indicating that you have read and understand the regulations, then click Continue.  

    Picture of the Agreement to the Parking Regulations

  4. Select the location of your residence at K-State, then click Continue.

    Picture of the Select residence location screen

  5. Select the type of permit, RFID tag if desired, convertible and motorcycle permit if applicable, then click Continue.

    Picture of the Select Parking Permit Options screen

  6. Review your order.  Click Submit to continue, or Make Changes to modify your order.
    Piture of the Verify selected parking choices page

  7. This page displays your order, the amount to be billed to your student account, a link to the Parking Permit Pickup Instructions, and what to do if you need to cancel your order.

    Picture of step 3 - Parking Permit Order Confirmation