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Requesting Access

In order to access KSIS, you must have a verified K-State eID and a current password. Access to KSIS is granted according to your role at K-State: students, faculty, and staff get specific access to KSIS features based on their role at K-State.


To obtain access to student information essential to the academic advising process:

  1. Fill out the KSIS Security Form.
  2. Obtain your department head's signature and Dean's office approval.
  3. Submit the form to:

    Security Administration
    214 Hale Library
  • KSIS access will be provided to the eID after the request has been authorized, and the person requesting access will be contacted by e-mail.

Faculty, Instructors, and Teaching Assistants

  • Faculty who cannot see a class in their Faculty Center should contact their department's Class Scheduler to be added as an instructor for that class.
  • Faculty who cannot see the Faculty Center at all - it is likely you have not been coded in KSIS as a faculty member. Contact the IT Help Desk (helpdesk@k-state.edu or 532-7722).


To obtain access to KSIS information:

  1. Fill out the KSIS Security Form.
  2. Obtain your supervisor, department head, or dean's signature.
  3. Submit the form to: 

    Security Administration
    214 Hale Library
  • Some security roles require training prior to receiving the affiliated KSIS access. Contact the K-State IT Help Desk (helpdesk@ksu.edu or 532-7722) to set up training.


  • Obtain an eID following the procedures located at eID.k-state.edu.
  • If you already have an eID, make sure you have gone through the verification process.
  • If you have a verified eID and are an admitted student, but still cannot access KSIS, contact the IT Help Desk (helpdesk@k-state.edu or 532-7722).