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Create a course in Canvas

Creation of courses in K-State Online will be initiated from the KSIS Faculty Center.  This process can be performed by an instructor or staff member with appropriate permissions.

To create a course in Canvas, use the following steps:

  1. Log into KSIS.

  2. On the right hand side of the KSIS Home page, click Faculty Center.

    Click the Faculty Center Link
  3. On the Faculty Center page click the Create course in Canvas iconClick to create a course in Canvas next to the desired course. 

    Note: Canvas related icons are located in the Faculty Center Legend as shown below:

    Faculty Center Icon Legend Definitions

  4. After you click Click to create a course in Canvas, click OK if you wan to continue creating the course in Canvas. 

    Click OK to confirm creating a course in canvas

  5. After the course has been created in Canvas, the icon in Faculty Center indicates Course created in Canvas Course has been created in Canvas and a confirmation email is sent to you.  Until the email has been received, the class is NOT yet in Canvas.