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Training Request

Purpose: Use this form to request KSIS training.

Instructions: Complete and submit the form below for each person who needs KSIS training.  Once submitted, the Training Coordinator will contact the trainee to set a date and discuss the training in more detail.

Before training can occur, you must first be authorized for access in the areas to be covered in the sessions.  If you do not already have this access, see the Getting Started page for details.

Need help? Contact the Training Coordinator: Fred Darkow at fdarkow@ksu.edu or (785) 532-3138.

 Trainee Information
 Requester Information
Name Name 
eID eID 
Dept Same as Trainee 
    Available Training - select courses you are interested in.
 Academic Dept. Staff Class Schedule Refresher 
 Administrative Dept. Staff Dean's Office Staff 
 Admissions for College Users  Program/Plan Maintenance 
 Advising Using KSIS  Service Indicators 
 Class Schedule Entry Using the Faculty Center
 Requested Dates & Times - training times will be subject to trainer availability.
 Other Training Needs - please enter any other training needs or questions you may have about KSIS training.