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Project Request

Purpose: Use this form to request a major KSIS enhancement or change.  A major enhancement or change typically takes several months or years to complete, often impacts many users and multiple offices, and may have policy or regulatory implications.

Instructions: Complete and submit the form below for each new project request.  Once submitted, the project will be reviewed and prioritized by the appropriate governing body.

Need help? Contact the KSIS Product Manager: Diana Blake, dkblake@ksu.edu, or (785) 532-7843.

Project name
Project sponsor
Submitted by
Email addressPhone
Desired completion date (if known)  
Business Problem - Provide a brief description of the problem.
Statement of Work - Provide a brief description of the proposed solution/work to be performed.
Who will be impacted by this project? - Check all that apply
Students Advisors Academic Offices Other
Faculty Designees Administrative Offices  
This project is a result of a change to - Check all that apply; provide URLs if available
Change Type
URLs/Other Information
Additional information - Optional
For a copy of this request, print this screen before submitting the request.