Martha Mather

Areas of Specialization

Fish Ecology / Integrated Biological-Social Science Research / Using Science to Address Applied Conservation Problems

Professional Interests

Presently, I direct a program of research, education, and outreach-extension-service focused on fish ecology that addresses both basic science and applied conservation and restoration problems.


Specifically, I am interested in problems related to


(1) Basic ecological processes that structure freshwater and estuarine fish communities;


(2) Patterns, mechanisms, consequences of fish movements;


(3) Role of heterogeneity in ecological structure and function across scales (including the role of dams);


(4) Integrated, interdisciplinary, bio-social approaches to natural resource conflicts.

Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Assistant Leader
Associate Professor, Division of Biology, Kansas State University

204B Leasure Hall
(785) 532-6522

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