Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Degrees completed 1996-2009:

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Christopher D. Anderson (M.S., 2003) Recreational pressure at Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge: Potential impacts on avian use and seasonal productivity along the Niobrara River

Jeremy Baumgardt (M.S., 2006) The effects of trapping methods on estimation of population parameters for small mammals

Wesley W. Bouska (M.S., 2008; Advisor: Paukert)  Road crossing designs and their impact on fish assemblages and geomorphology of Great Plains streams

Patrick J. Braaten (Ph.D., 2000) Growth of fishes in the Missouri River and Lower Yellowstone River, and factors influencing recruitment of freshwater drum in the lower channelized Missouri River

Matthew N. Burlingame (M.S., 1997) 1995 Kansas licensed angler use and preference survey and attitudes towards angling by secondary education students

Jonathan M. Conard (Ph.D., 2009) Genetic variability, demography, and habitat selection in a reintroduced elk (Cervus elaphus) population

Jonathan M. Conard (M.S., 2003) Responses of small mammals and their predators to military disturbance in tallgrass prairie

Jeffrey L. Eitzmann (M.S., 2008)   Spatial habitat variation in a Great Plains river: effects on the fish assemblage and food web structure

Jesse R. Fischer (M.S., 2007)   Structural organization of Great Plains stream fish assemblages: Implications for sampling and conservation

Brian E. Flock (Ph.D., 2006) The effects of landscape configuration on northern bobwhite in southeastern Kansas  

Greg A. Hoch (M.S., 1997) Mapping and monitoring of disturbance from military training at Fort Riley, Kansas and an investigations into the stability of grassland ecotones using satellite remote sensing

David E. Hoover (M.S., 1997) Vegetation and breeding bird assemblages in grazed and ungrazed riparian habitats in southeastern Kansas

Travis B. Horton (M.S., 2000) Habitat use and movement of spotted bass in Otter Creek, Kansas

William E. Jensen (Ph.D., 2003) Spatial variation in Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) abundance and brood parasitism in Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie

Tammi L. Johnson (M.S., 2005) Spatial dynamics of a bacterial pathogen: Sylvatic plague in Black-tailed prairie dogs

Tracey N. Johnson (M.S., 2006) Ecological restoration of tallgrass prairie: grazing management benefits plant and bird communities in upland and riparian habitats

Jan F. Kamler (M.S., 1998) Ecology and interspecific relationships of mammalian predators on Fort Riley Military Reservation, Kansas

Justin E. Kretzer (M.S., 1999) Herpetological and coleopteran communities of black-tailed prairie dog colonies and non-colonized areas in southwest Kansas

Troy R. Livingston (M.S., 2001) Coprophagy: An ecological investigation of the consumption of mammalian carnivore feces

Andrew S. Makinster (M.S., 2006) Flathead catfish population dynamics in the Kansas River

Raymond S. Matlack (M.S., 1997) The swift fox in rangeland and cropland in western Kansas: Relative abundance, mortality, and body size

Heidi L. Michaels (M.S., 1997) Landscape and fine scale habitat of the Loggerhead Shrike and Henslow's Sparrow on Fort Riley Military Reservation, Kansas

Lorri A. Newby (M.S., 2005) Effects of experimental manipulation of coterie size on demography of Black-tailed prairie dogs in South Dakota

Kristen L. Pitts (M.S., 2008) Assessing threats to native fishes of the Lower Colorado River Basin

Stanley L. Proboszcz (M.S., 2003) Evaluation of habitat enhancement structure use by spotted bass in natural and experimental streams

Michael C. Quist (Ph.D., 2002) Abiotic Factors and Species Interactions that Influence Recruitment of Walleyes in Kansas Reservoirs

Michael C. Quist (M.S., 1999) Structure and function of fish communities in streams on Fort Riley Military Reservation

James W. Rivers (M.S., 1999) Seasonal avian use patterns of farmed wetlands and nest predation dynamics in riparian grasslands dominated by reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea)

Amber D. Rucker (M.S., 2001) Conversion of tall fescue pastures to tallgrass prairie in southeastern Kansas: Small mammal responses

Joshua T. Schloesser (M.S., 2008) Large river fish community sampling strategies and fish associations to engineered and natural river channel structures

Sally J. Schrank (M.S., 2000) Population characteristics of bighead carp Hypophthalmichthys nobilis larvae and adults in the Missouri River and interspecific dynamics with paddlefish Polyodon spathula

Andrea M. Severson (M.S., 2010) Effects of zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) invasion on the aquatic community of a great plains reservoir

Mackenzie R. Shardlow (M.S.,2009)   Factors affecting the detectability and distribution of the North American river otter

William K. Smith (M.S., 1996) Responses of ring-necked pheasants to Conservation Reserve Program fields during courtship and brood rearing in the high plains

Patricia R. Snyder (M.S., 2000) Assessment of activity transmitters based on behavioral observations of coyotes, bobcats, and raccoons

Timothy R. Strakosh (Ph.D., 2006) Effects of water willow establishment on littoral assemblages in Kansas reservoirs: Focus on Age-0 largemouth bass

Bala Thiagarajan (Ph.D., 2006)   Community dynamics of rodents, fleas and plague associated with black-tailed prairie dogs

Jeff S. Tillma (M.S., 1997) Characteristics of spotted bass in southeast Kansas streams

Jeffry A. Tripe (M.S., 2000) Density, growth, mortality, food habits, and lipid content of age-0 largemouth bass in El Dorado Reservoir, Kansas

Ron E. VanNimwegen (Ph.D. (Posthumous), 2009)  Behavioral Ecology of Grasshopper Mice and Deer Mice

Jennifer R. Wiens (M.S., 1996) Effects of tree revetments on the abiotic and biotic components in two Kansas streams

Stephen L. Winter (M.S., 1999) Plant and breeding bird communities of black-tailed prairie dog colonies and non-colonized areas in southwest Kansas and southeast Colorado

Mayee Wong (M.S., 2003) High spatial homogeneity in a sex-biased mating system: The genetic population structure of greater prairie chickens (Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus) in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

Gerald L. Zuercher (Ph.D., 2001) The ecological role of the Bush Dog, Speothos venaticus, as part of the mammalian predator community in the Interior Atlantic Forest of Paraguay