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Wildlife Projects


Risk Assessment of Exposure to Lead for Mottled Ducks on National Wildlife Refuge of the Upper Texas Gulf Coast

Breeding Season Survival, Space Use, Movement, and Habitat Use of Female Lesser Prairie-Chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) in Kansas and Colorado

Development of conservation and climate adaptation strategies for wetlands in the Great Plains LCC region

Landscape Conservation Design, Movements, and Survival of Lesser Prairie-Chickens in Kansas and Colorado


Lesser Prairie-Chicken Reproductive Success, Habitat Selection, and Response to Trees in Kansas and Colorado

Movements, Habitat Use, Survival, and Potential Implications of Climate Change on Mottled Ducks (Anas fulvigula) in the Texas Chenier Plain Region

Potential Exposure to Environmental Lead in Mottled Ducks (Anas fulvigula) on the Texas Chenier Plains National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Parasitemia, Health, and Reproduction in Lesser Scaup at Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

A historical record of land cover change of the lesser prairie-chicken range in Kansas

Patterns and Processes of Dispersal of Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs in a Heavily Managed Landscape of the Great Plains Landscape Conservation Cooperative


American Woodcock Habitat Occupancy and Migratory Origins in East Texas

Lead Exposure, Habitat Use, and Nesting Ecology of Black-necked Stilts (Himantopus mexicanus) on the Upper Texas Coast


Community Response to Use of Prescribed Grazing and Tebuthiuron Herbicide for Restoration of Sand Shinnery Oak Grasslands

Deer Density, Movement Patterns, and Group Dynamics on Quivira National Wildlife Refuge: Assessing Potential Risk for Disease Transmission (Dr. Jonathan Conard)

Occurrence, Function, and Conservation of Playa Wetlands: The Key to Biodiversity of the Southern Great Plains

Effect of Managed Grazing on Trends of Lesser Prairie-Chicken Abundance, Vegetation Composition and Structure, and Invertebrate Production on the Milnesand Prairie Preserve


Status and Distribution of Black-tailed Prairie Dogs on Small Cultural National Parks in the Western Great Plains (Rachel Pigg)

Small Mammal Populations in Prairie Ecosystems: Scale Dependent Responses to Disturbance (Derek Moon)

Demography and dispersal of black-tailed prairie dogs in four small cultural parks (Amanda Goldberg)


Factors Affecting the Distribution and Detectability of River Otters in Eastern Kansas (Mackenzie Shardlow)

Behavioral Ecology of Grasshopper Mice and Deer Mice (Ron E. VanNimwegen)


Assessment of Elk Habitat Use, Population Dynamics, and Genetic Variability at Fort Riley Military Reservation, Kansas (Jonathan Conard)

Landscape Genetics of Deer and the Potential Spread of CWD in Kansas: A Pilot Study to Examine Deer Density and Hunting Pressure as Factors

Biogeography and Molecular Epidemiology of the PRNP Gene in Kansas

Vegetation and Small Mammal Community Response to Military Track Vehicle Disturbance at Smoky Hills Air National Guard Bombing Range, Kansas


Habitat Alteration and Disease Dynamics in Black-tailed Prairie Dogs (Tammi Johnson)

Landscape Effects on Disease Dynamics in Prairie Dogs (Bala Thiagarajan)


Fisheries Projects


Assessing Distribution and Movement of Blue Catfish in Kansas Reservoirs (Kayla Gerber and Zachary Peterson)


Sand dredging effects on fishes and fish habitat in the Kansas River (Jason Fischer)

Recruitment of Fishes in the Kansas River


Effects of Zebra Mussels on Reservoir Aquatic Communities (Andrea Severson)


Impacts of Road Crossings on Prairie Stream Fishes (Wes Bouska)

Developing Conservation Priorities to Protect Fish Biodiversity in the Lower Colorado River Basin (Kristen Pitts)


Evaluation of Sampling Methods and Habitat Use of Missouri River Fishes (Joshua Schloesser)

Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance of Fish Community and Food Web Structure in a Great Plains River (Jeff Eitzmann)


Structural Organization of Great Plains Stream Fish Assemblages: Implications for Sampling and Conservation (Jesse Fischer)

Native Fish Conservation in the Great Plains (Jesse Fischer)


Evaluation of flathead catfish populations in the Kansas River (Andy Makinster)


Population dynamics of blue suckers in the Kansas River (Jeff Eitzmann)

Abstracts and theses of projects completed before these years can be found by year on the Alumni page. Click here to go to the Alumni page.