1. Kansas Hunger Dialogue

The Kansas Hunger Dialogue


Kansas Campus Compact
103 Leadership Studies Building
Manhattan, KS 66506

(785) 532-6896

The Kansas Hunger Dialogue

The Kansas Hunger Dialogue brings together individuals from across the state to build awareness, advocacy, and action about hunger through the sharing of research, best practices, and model programs. It was developed in 2011 based on the belief that something is terribly wrong when enough food is produced that allows for every person to have 4.3 pounds each day, yet one billion go hungry. As a result, the goal of the first dialogue was to build consensus agreements among Kansas Colleges and Universities regarding a campus system, and statewide commitment to integrating hunger awareness, advocacy, and action.

At the dialogue, campuses generate strategies and action plans for identifying campus-based initiatives consistent with the consensus agreements. Information from collaborative efforts on strategies for impacting hunger on both local and global levels is disseminated to the administrators, faculty, students, and all others who attend.

The 2014 Kansas Hunger Dialogue will be hosted in Wichita February 25-26 at the Hyatt Regency. This year, the dialogue will place an emphasis on use of modern technology to engage communities.