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Kansas Campus Compact

Executive Board

The KsCC Executive Board is composed of a majority of member presidents and may also have public or corporate members. A member president chairs the Executive Board. The Executive Board meets quarterly, typically twice in a conference call and twice in person, to oversee the operations of the state Compact. Board members serve rotating three-year terms from July 1 to June 30, with three permanent seats reserved for the Kansas Board of Regents, the Kansas Independent Colleges Association, and the hosting institution for KsCC. The Executive Board is responsible for:

  • Setting membership fees for the state compact each year
  • Approving the mission, by-laws, organizational structure, and programs
  • Approving the budget
  • Setting general policy and direction, updating an annual strategic plan
  • Assisting with fund development
  • Working with legislators and the media

2013-2014 Executive Board Members

(Year joined board)


Matt Lindsey(2012)
Kansas Independent Colleges Association

Diane Steele (2013)
University of St. Mary's College

Lynette Lacy (2013)
Kansas Leadership Center


* 2013-14 Chair

Kenny Wilk (2012)
Kansas Board of Regents

Kirk Schulz (2010)
Kansas State University

Michael Schneider *(2013-2014)
McPherson College

Ex Officio:
Mary Hale Tolar (2008)
Director, School of Leadership Studies
Kansas State University